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Marvel i el Món dels Superherois

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Grans Bevedors. Història i Literatura de la Passió pel Vi

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Graduate Workshop "Courts and Troubadour Culture"

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Troubadours are a fundamental part of European culture and a rich field of interest for specialists in many fields. Decades if not centuries of publications have enlightened many aspects of troubadour and courtly culture, but there are still unresolved issues, particularly regarding the circulation and reception of troubadours, necessarily involving the role troubadours had in medieval courts and the compilation of manuscripts. We believe only interdisciplinary research will help reframing the problems and guide the answers to many core questions. Within this framework, the project Troubadours and European Identity: The Case of the Catalan Courts (www.facebook.com/TrobEu) addresses this challenge with a number of research goals, but also intends to encourage interdisciplinary research in this field and to foment awareness of an updated view of troubadour culture.

With this aim, the core issues regarding the role of troubadours in courts, the impact of courtly activity in troubadour lyrics and the reality of troubadour performance will be discussed with an interdisciplinary approach in the conference Courts and troubadour culture, held at the University of Girona on 23-24th November. The main sessions will revolve around the court as an institution; court gatherings; the reality of troubadour performance; and the reality of troubadour circulation.

A preliminary part of the workshop is designed to encourage communication between researchers in different fields in order to combine and improve their skills. The chosen platform is Lletres i bits (http://wwwm.lletresibits.cat/) It will set off with presentations by PhD students about their research project. Several forums will follow, chaired by specialists from the multidisciplinary research team of the project Troubadours and European Identity: The Role of Catalan Courts. The chairperson will give an initial presentation about each topic, will encourage PhD students to discuss the relevant, interesting and problematic issues regarding each topic they have encountered during their own research and will give them feedback


Lletres i Bits


Lletres i Bits són dos termes aparentment antagònics. Les lletres, per si mateixes, semblen diferents dels vuit zeros i uns, anomenats bits que conformen un byte. Però precisament la unió d'aquests bits permeten, en el món telemàtic, definir qualsevol instància alfanumèrica.


LletresiBits.cat vol ser un nexe d'unió entre aquests dos mons: aquell espai global on tothom pot trobar-ho tot, i l'univers interior que les lletres, els mots i les frases, creen dins cadascú.

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